Test Data Automation Integration for Katalon Studio
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    Test Data Automation Integration for Katalon Studio

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    Article Summary

    In this demo, learn how to apply Test Data Automation to Katalon Studio, so you can get the right data, at the right place and when the automation is executed.

    Additionally, check out our complete QuickStart Katalon Automation guide in the learning portal!

    This integration exposes Katalon to Just-In-Time data from a wide array of backend data sources, such as SQL Server, Oracle and many more. 

    You can use these data sources to find data, create data synthetically, and allocate data to specific test cases. 

    Find and Allocate Data

    In the demo, we are using a Katalon healthcare log in demo tool. Behind this we have a SQL Server database set-up with a set of made up user data, including first_name, last_name, username, password and user_type. 

    What you will often find is that your test data does not have all the combinations you require for your testing purposes. Test Data Automation has advanced utilities for allocating synthetic data. In the demo, we need to fill out user data such as First name, last name, password etc.

    Within Test Data Automation, we have Data Catalogues which allow you to expose reusable Find and Makes for different data sources. In the demo, we have set up a Find, which is set to find users based on a specific role. 

    You can use the set-up Find and from there combine tables, and cast advanced queries. However, for the demo, we have set up Role as the Input and Username and Password as Outputs for this Find.

    Corresponding with that, we have also set up an Allocation Pull, this Allocation pull is set up to find Admins from the data set.

    Once these are set up, you can hit the Run button and Execute the pull. This will resolve the query, you can view the results in the Result Tab under Test Details. 

    These allocations can be Embedded within Katalon Studio, using the Curiosity Test Data Automation plug in. You can find the code to apply for embedding in the Test Details tab of your Allocation or Find query. 

    This allows you to run automation scripts in Katalon Studio and Allocate the appropriate data for each test. These re-usable test criterias are not just for SQL Server, they can be applied to many different technologies. 

    The re-usable data can also be used to generate test cases and test automation scripts through different user journeys using Test Modeller, and then running the tests through Katalon Studio. See the continued integration below.