QuickStart Robot
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    QuickStart Robot

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    Article Summary

    In this tutorial we'll be covering how to get started with TestModeller.io for Robot Framework. This is aimed for first-time users along with users who have an existing Robot framework.

    Install Prerequisites

    Here we'll be installing all the prerequisites you need to get started with test automation in Robot Framework through TestModeller.io.

    1. Request a free Curiosity Modeller trial.
    2. Install Python.
    3. Install the python package manager (pip).
    4. Download our example Robot Framework project (if you don't have your own).
      • You can download the framework from out GitHub repo here.

    Configure Test Modeller

    All code created using TestModeller.io uses code templates which define the structure and type of code to be created. Test Modeller provides support for numerous open source frameworks out-the-box made available on the Curiosity Software GitHub page.

    The sample framework provides pre-configured code templates within the ‘Code Template’ directory. To import these into Test Modeller follow these steps or watch the video below.

    Import Robot Libraries


    Import Existing Resources

    Scan Application


    Create Model

    Generate Scripts

    Execute Scripts