Test Modeller 101 Tutorials - Introduction
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1.1 Getting Started - Test Modeller

Follow this series of Test Modeller 101 Tutorials to get hands-on practice for approaching in-sprint testing better. You’ll meet subject matter experts at Curiosity Software as they take you through the steps related to key techniques that follows sections 1 through 5.

Go to http://testmodeller.io and click the Start Trial button and follow the instructions on how to get started on your Test Modeller journey.


  1. Sign up to Test Modeller.

  2. Learn about the support offered during your 14 day trial.

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1.2 Creating a Project and Navigation


  1. Use Workspaces and control access for different Users or User Groups such as admin, editor and reader.

  2. See the Get Started wizard options.

  3. Discover our accelerators for setting up automation frameworks (QuickStart Tutorials).

  4. Building out a basic model.

  5. Use the Explorer menu and directory to find models and other assets like Data Lists (data Lists or mini-spreadsheets for storing data for testing) in the Explorer menu.

  6. How to set-up and schedule test plans.

  7. Modify settings for Project & Releases.

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