Please refer to this checklist prior to your installation call to ensure all requirements and pre-requisites are met:

System Requirements

  • Windows Server 2013 Enterprise / 10 Pro minimum – 64-bit edition
  • 64-bit Processor (i3 minimum – Intel Core i7 recommended)
  • Microsoft .Net 4.8 Framework
  • Minimum 8GB Ram (16GB Recommended)
  • Minimum 20GB Hard Drive space
  • Port 8080 outbound communication
    • Ports (8081 – 8085) required if utilizing additional VIP servers.
    • Port 443 required if connecting to any SSL based services (e.g. Slack)
    • If hosting databases separately, the respected database ports will also need to be open (7474. 5432)

Software Requirements

  • Microsoft Excel (64-bit)
  • .Net framework 4.8 Runtime


  • VIP installation file downloaded from link provided by Curiosity

Common Blockers

We commonly see the below issues during installation. By completing the checklist above, these blockers will be avoided:

  • Environment not provisioned

  • Insufficient space

  • Ports not open

  • File not downloaded prior to the meeting