If you receive an error when performing an automated action using The VIP Server Controller, there is likely a common reason for this. Fortunately, these common errors are easily resolvable. Below you will find a list of common errors, with instructions on solving them to run your automation.

To find out which of the below reasons is at fault for an error, map the error message found in one of the following three places:

  1. Any pop-up error messages;

  2. The output dialogue of the "Run Flow" tab;

  3. The Log.log file created in your Log Directory. You should check the log after every execution as errors are most frequently reported here.

These error messages are reflected in the subheadings below.

No access to the .VIP workflows – Run in Administrator Mode

You must run The VIP Server Controller in administrator mode. This is because it must access and work with files on the C: Drive.

If your automation executes, but your log shows errors, a lack of access to the specified VIP workflows on the C: Drive is a common cause. Re-open The VIP Server Controller in administrator mode and try again.
An example error message appears as follows: 

"Could not find"

If your Log shows that the automation could not find a file specified in your arguments, there is likely either a typo or an illegal character in the argument.

Remove quotations around strings when using The VIP Server Controller: Strings do not require single or double quotations when specifying arguments in The VIP Server Controller. Quotations should only be used when executing via a Command Script.

Using quotations around a file location or other string is a common cause of a "Could not find" errors. This is shown below.

"Invalid License … Feature is not enabled. Please verify license."

If your Log displays the error message highlighted below, you do not have the requisite licensing to execute the .vip workflow. Contact your account manager or email info@curiosity.software to discuss licensing in this instance.

Case Sensitivity when executing via Command Scripts

Strings specified in arguments when using the VIP Server Controller are not case-sensitive. However, strings specified in Command Scripts are case-sensitive. If you receive errors when executing via the Command Script, please check the names of files and other strings to make sure they match the file name exactly.

"Spreadsheet … is locked" – close your configuration spreadsheet.

You must close your configuration spreadsheet before executing automation using the VIP Server Controller. If your log file reports that the spreadsheet specified under the "parControlExcel" argument is locked, shut the spreadsheet and rerun the automation.

"Unhandled Exception" popup

If you receive an Unhandled Exception error message, you might have incorrectly entered an argument. Check the syntax of your arguments and check that you have spelt the parameters names correctly.

In the below example, "parReportFile" has a double quotation instead of an equals sign:

Access to ICP Port denied – Multiple Server Controllers running

If you encounter the following type of error message , then you most likely have another VIP Server Controller job already running.  In this case, use the Windows Task Manager to end the duplicate process and try running again.

Log not updating

Your Log.log file will not update if it is open during the automation. Close your log file and re-run the automation job.

Subsetreport.txt not updating

If using The VIP Server Controller or Command Line to execute Subset Actions, you must specify the file extension (".txt") for the Subsetreport. For the Log Directory and parLogDir yoi can specify the directory only; for parReportFile you must specify the file name and extension. For example:

parReportFile=C:\Users\VIP1\Documents\Subsetting Documentation 5.0\SubsetReport.txt

Missing Log Archive folder

The Log "Output" and "Output_Archive" folders are only created when executing via the Command Line. If executing from The VIP Server Controller, new logs will be appended to the log.log file in your "Log Directory".

Cannot locate minimized VIP Server Controller

When minimized and running in the background, The VIP Server Controller minimizes to the System Tray. If you cannot locate The VIP Server Controller in your Task Bar, you will be able to find it in the System Tray. Look for the VIP icon: