This page contains steps that may help with troubleshooting your problems with VIP. This includes a FAQ section, some more detailed problems and solutions plus a link to our git hub discussion board, where you can find questions submitted and answered by the community.


Q: I have an up to date licence for VIP however I get an error message saying the licence has expired

A: Try running VIP as an administrator, this will ensure VIP has the correct access to the licence file

Q: I have loaded a VIP flow and one of the activities is showing an error: Activity could not be loaded because of errors in XAML

A: This could be caused by not having the correct dll in the addons folder, normally located in C:\ProgramData\VIP\addons. A way to confirm the missing activity is to have the validate flow on open option turned on

Q: VIP is crashing when running a flow due to a large amount of information being shown in the log window

A: You can switch the update log window option off, this may help with VIP crashing when running flows.

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