The VIP 101 series is designed to introduce new users to VIP, Curiosity's fully connected process automation engine. In this first lesson, you will use out-of-the-box actions to build visual workflows, learning how to parameterise and run the automated actions.

In this simple example, the workflow will read data from a Microsoft Excel Worksheet, iterating round the rows and columns to print the contents of each row to a log file. If you want to follow the steps shown in the video in your own environment, please download the Excel Worksheet and VIP flow used in the video here. You will require a licensed version of VIP.

Lesson contents:

  1. 00:08 Introduction to the example task

  2. 00:34 Review of the example Excel Worksheet

  3. 01:05 Create a basic flow to read the Excel Sheet

a. 01:05 Use the ReadExcelData Action

b. 01:24 Use the System.Data.DataTable object. Please refer to the Microsoft documentation for more information on this common .Net object.

c. 01:46 Defining arguments/parameters to pull data from the Excel.

4. 02:33 Define output parameters to specify an Output Table for the read data

a. 03:23 Iterating around an array of rows in the Excel

5. 05:30 Run the flow and check the Log

6. 05:55 Use an Index to iterate over each column in each row

a. 06:38 Nest the ForEach action

b. 07:11 Use a Function to iterate a dynamic number of times

7. 10:50 Run the flow and check the Log file for outputted data