If your Test Type does not find any data with the combination of parameters that Modeller has provide you can make a call to make any missing data. This feature allows you to stabilize frameworks and ensure that all the automation runs cleanly.

You can invoke any process you like to create the data, if you already have a Selenium script to create data then invoke it from a VIP flow and pass down the parameters.

To set this feature up create a VIP flow that will make the missing data and add it as a process to Modeller. Then, add this process into the Test Type definition:

There are a number of steps you need to go through to set this feature up:

  1. Create a flow to call the process or to directly make the data. For example, you could use the VIP TDM feature to create data directly into a database.

  2. Make sure that the parameters that you use to find the data are available in this flow. In other words, the Data lookup will be searching for values based on a list of variables, this same list is going to be used to create the data.

  3. Add the VIP flow as a process in Test Modeller.

  4. Ensure that the ORDER of the input parameters is the same, the names do not need to the match.

The VIP flows has three required parameters, par1, par2 and par3, shown below:

These are mapped in order, here, you can drag and drop to alter the order:

These will be listed in the same order as the parameters in the original lookup:

When you run a find, look at the log results to see if and when data has been made:

Once this has been run, you can check to see if the parameters match and check the make results.