How to utilise Test Data Variables for naming Test Cases in Test Modeller.

Open an existing model. For the demo we have prepared a login process model, and have generated the test cases for it. As you can see, the generated test cases are names after the path they take.

In this model, we have created a new Test Data Variable, called TestCaseName and set it across the model:

To create a new Test Data Variable, navigate to the Test Data & Automation tab in the top bar menu and hit the Variables button. This will open the Test Data Variables window, here hit the Blue Add Variable button to create a new test data variable.

Navigate to the Coverage Profile window by opening the Test Generation tab and clicking Coverage.

Once you’ve opened the Coverage Profile window, open the Naming Conventions tab. Here you will find a list of naming conventions, which you can edit.

If you scroll down you will find the Variable Naming Convention, click the blue plus button to edit this. In the demo, we replaced the Variable Name Convention with our TestCaseName Data Variable. Don’t forget to hit save!

Once your custom naming convention is set up, regenerate the test cases for your model, and you will see now that your test cases are named appropriately.