VIP provides TryCatch component to handle scenarios which can cause faults to occur for example trying to connect a database which is not up or accessing a file which is not available at given path or trying to send an email with invalid details or inaccessible server.

These sort of scenarios are rare if the workflow is designed correctly, however it can happen. In such cases where an error is raised by a component workflow execution can halt which may not be the desired behaviour. To overcome such issues, flowchart can have TryCatch component and the component which can raise an error can be wrapped in Try block which falls back to Catch block in case component when executed in Try block raises an error. In Catch block fault handling can be performed, and corrective actions can be taken for smooth workflow processing.

TryCatch also provides Finally block, which executes in both cases if there is no error in Try block or if fallback has gone through the Catch block. It comes handy for users to perform any task which should be done in either case e.g. Send an email about component execution success or failure.