How to use trigger an execution of automation code that has been generated within Test Modeller using a Git connector and configuring your execution settings.

Automatically run code when it’s pushed to your framework to get instant feedback on Pass/Run Results and error diagnosis directly in the modeller.

Note: The community Server dies not support this. It’s use it with your own server.

Edit Framework configuration to support Execution:

  • You need to figure out how to run your framework from the Command line

Run the Java framework using the Maven command > speficy the Test file to run > Enter. (Test cases are run.) Tests sping up in a new Chrome browser window with all the test scenarios.

Use the command indicated and chop it up into something Test Modeller can run whenever it needs to Execute any Automation.

Configuration for Automation in Test Modeller:

Using the Java Tutorial Framework > (Language is set-up, also Source control.) Now to specify how to Execute the Automation!

  • Enable Execution on publish

  • Give the root location for the framework

  • Specify the Maven dependency command

  • Create a dynamic Test Name [FileName]

Test the Automation works:

Generate and resolves any data dependencies that are needed.

  • Automation code is generated for the 4 paths

  • Pushed into the Git environment (Git integration)

  • Finally performing an execution (These can be run in headless mode, or keep the browser open)

Download the Log to see any compilation messages for debufgging.

Refresh the Test Suite and see Run Results are syncronised with link s to know where these have been pushed inside our Git Repo.

  • View Test Steps with any screenshots captured along the way.