The Tables Sheet is created by the GETMETADATA or TABLES action and defines which Primary Key constraints will be satisfied by the Data Subset.
The information contained in the Tables sheet is used in the following actions that can be performed post-Subset:

  1. Adding Primary Keys (ADDPEYS)

  2. Dropping Primary Keys (DROPPKEYS)

  3. The composite actions ADDKEYS and DROPKEYS which add or drop both Primary Keys and Foreign Keys.

  4. Validating that Primary Keys are unique (VALIDATEPKEYS)

If you update this Sheet, you will therefore add or drop the specified Primary Keys after a Subset.

Each row represents a different Primary Key constraint, and contains the following columns:

  1. Active: "Yes" or "No"

  2. TableName: The source table form which metadata will be read.

  3. SchemaName: The source schema name.

  4. NumberOfRows: The number of rows in the source database.

  5. PK_Name: The Primary Key name.

  6. PK_Columns: Primary Key Columns, separated by a semi-colon for composite keys.

  7. PK_Column_Types: Primary key column types, separated by a semi-colon if there is more than one.

  8. IsIdentity: Specifies whether the column is an identify column.

  9. InheritedBy: This cell is populated if the table is inherited from another table.

  10. InheritsFrom: This tcell is populated if the table inherits from another table.

  11. IsSoftKey: This cell displays "Yes" if the primary key was given in the SoftKeys sheet.

  12. NextValueFunction: If the INCREMENTKEYS action is run as part of a Data Clone, this cell provides a list of functions to use to increment the key columns.

Toggling Active "Yes" or "No" specifies whether the metadata will be read from the source table and schema.

Below is an example Tables sheet:

Note: The Primary Key constraints will not be included in the Data Subset by the core actions involved in running a Subset (GETMETADATA, PREPENV, BUILDMODEL, and SUBSET). To include the Primary Keys specified in this sheet, you must perform the Post-Subset action of ADDPKEYS or the composite action ADDKEYS. This should be performed after the SUBSET Action.