The ProcessModel sheet provides the rules to drive subsetting. The ProcessModel and RuleList sheets are populated during a Basic or Advanced Subset by the BUILDMODEL action.

You can switch the Subset Rules on or off from the ProcessModel sheet. Each rule is displayed by row, with additional information available for reference in the RuleList sheet. Simply set Active to "Yes" or "No" to filter rules.

The columns for each row are:

  1. ParentTable: The Parent Table name

  2. ChildTable: The Child Table name

  3. ParentColumn: The Parent Key Columns

  4. ChildColumn: The Child Key Columns

  5. Active: Set to "Yes" or "No" to include a Rule or not.

  6. ParentSchema: The Source Parent Schema name

  7. ChildSchema: The Source Child Schema name

  8. FKName: The Foreign Key name

  9. Direction: "DOWN" or "UP" indicates the relationship between ParentTable and ChildTable

  10. Level: The level in the hierarchical table relationships of the rule.

An example ProcessModel sheet appears as follows: