You can type Values by hand for each block, or can copy and paste from a test data database or file. Alternatively, the Data Editor enables quick and simply generation of synthetic test data values for each block, using a comprehensive range of data generation functions.

The Data Editor assigns functions to each Task block, which are then resolved when test cases are generated. This creates a varied and realistic set of test data for the generated test cases, with a range of Values created for each Variable.

To open the Data Editor, select the block to which a synthetic data variable should be assigned, and select "Assignment" in the Test Data tab of the menu. Next, click "Add" in the Test Data Sidebar, and select the edit button next to the value:

The Data Editor Window will open:

To generate test data Values using the data generation functions, specify formula in the Function Editor. Either type the function by hand in the Function Editor box, or browse the Function List and click "Add Function".

Functions are formatted in the same way as standard Excel formula. They can contain literal text, specified in double quotes, and can be combined into complex formula. Complex formula can contain Excel functions alongside the Test Modeller Functions, combined using the "&" symbol or the VIP "Parse" function.

Separate Knowledge Base articles are provided on using and combining the Data Generation Functions, in addition to full function list. There are further articles under the Test Data Management section of the Curiosity Knowledge Base.