As discussed in the process overview, a data subsetting job starts with the creation of the Basic Control Spreadsheet. This simple spreadsheet defines a Basic Subset. It points the automated VIP workflow to the Source Database that will be subsetted, and specifies the Target Database and Schema.

To configure the Basic Control Spreadsheet, open the Basic Subset Control SpreadSheet that you copied into your Subset folder. The template starting spreadsheet is called "VIPsubsetStartPoint.xlsx" by default. You can rename it.

There are two mandatory sheets in the Basic Control Spreadsheet:

  1. The Configuration sheet

  2. The SQLCriteria sheet

There are two additional, optional sheets that can be created and populated at this point:

  1. FoundCriteria

  2. SoftKeys

Instructions for completing the four sheets and running a Basic Subset are provided in this subsection of the Knowledge Base. The next section instructions on running the Basic Subset Actions based on the Basic Control spreadsheet.