Install the UI Recorder if performing functional web UI testing. The Chrome extension is used to record test activity exercised against web UIs, and to scan elements.

Test Modeller's UI Recorder is available for download from the Chrome Webstore. Each Test Modeller account has a unique link. Log-in to Test Modeller and navigate to the "Dashboard". Next, click "Install Recorder". This will open the Chrome Webstore in a new tab.

In the Chrome Webstore, click "Add to Chrome". A pop-up will ask you to confirm the permissions required by the VIP Test Modeller Explorer:

Click "Add Extension".

The page will refresh and the Test Modeller icon should now visible in the top-right, next to the search bar:

Alternatively, Curiosity can provide a download link for a zip file that can be used to install the UI Recorder. This is useful for customers who do not have access to the Google Chrome Webstore.

Click the icon to open the UI Recorder:

Enter the same Username and Password that you use to access Test Modeller.
For information on using the UI Recorder in Test Modeller, please see the section on The UI Recorder.