Test Modeller’s web UI Scanner provides a Recorder for capturing actions and data executed against a page. This includes activity performed by manual testers or by automated tests, while message or API traffic can also be captured. Test Modeller then provides detailed analysis of these recorded journeys, including visual application blueprint models, activity heatmaps, and step-by-step journey analysis.

The UI Recorder is just one of many accelerators offered by Test Modeller, designed to improve testing speed and quality. For users with and without deep coding knowledge, the recorder provides an accelerator for building accurate automated tests. Test Modeller automatically converts the recorded journeys into visual flowchart models, enabling optimised test case and script generation.

The test script generation can leverage integrated coded frameworks or use an in-built Test Modeller framework for rapid UI testing. This approach thereby combines all the flexibility of scripted test automation with the simplicity of Record/Playback. It allows coders and non-coders to generate tests rapidly, without the time spent analysing DOM structures and scripting brittle tests.

Unlike many Record/Playback approaches, however, the automated test generation is optimised for test coverage. Generating flows from recorded activity creates subflows for individual system components, as well as master flows that combine all the recorded activity. Systematic coverage algorithms then generate the smallest number of test cases needed to test the modelled logic, significantly reducing test creation and execution time without compromising on quality.