1 - Ensure Pre-Requisites are Complete

Please ensure that all pre-requisites are complete prior to installation.

1.1 System requirements met

  • Windows Server 2013 Enterprise / 10 Pro minimum – 64-bit edition

  • 64bit Processor (i3 minimum – Intel Core i7 recommended)

  • Microsoft .Net 4.8 Framework

  • Minimum 8GB Ram (16GB Recommended)

  • Minimum 20GB Hard Drive space

  • Port 8080 outbound communication.

    • Ports 8081-8085 required if utilising additional VIP servers

    • Port 443 required if connecting to any SSL based services (e.g. Slack)

    • If hosting database separately, the respective database ports will need to be open (7474, 5432)

Please Note: ARM Chip architecture is not supported

1.2 Software requirements met

Windows Machine:

  • .Net framework 4.8 Runtime

User machines:

  • Google Chrome (If performing functional UI testing using the UI Recorder and scanner)

1.3 Copy file to Windows Machine

VIP installation file downloaded from link provided by Curiosity

Common Blockers

We commonly see the below issues during installation. By completing the checklist above, these blockers will be avoided:

  • Environment not provisioned

  • Insufficient space

  • Ports not open

  • Files not downloaded and unzipped prior to the meeting

  • Docker not installed