1.1 Backup all data stores

See our page on Test Modeller Maintenance (https://knowledge.curiositysoftware.ie/kb/test-modeller-maintenance ) to make sure that the postgres and neo4j databases are backed and stored securely. Optionally, you may want to back up the docker images as well, in case you need to rollback the update.

1.2 Stop Test Modeller and backup files

From the run.sh file, run just the second to last command:
sudo docker-compose -f docker-compose-fullstack.yml down

If you installed using the version in the path


Then you already have a backup of config. If you did not use the version, then you should back up these files.

1.3 Copy new version onto Linux filesystem

Unzip the latest version of Test Modeller into /opt/curiosity/[version number].

unzip dockerDeployment_1.17.0 -d /opt/curiosity/1.17.0

1.4 Copy configuration

Usually it should be enough to simply copy over the .env file over from the previous install (if you have anew license, this is the time to put it into the .env file). Some custom installs may have involved changes to other files such as nginx config. Make sure that any config files are copied over to the new application path.

1.5 Changes in the docker-compose file

Normally there are no changes in the docker compose file. If there are, there will be special instructions for that version upgrade.

1.6 Clean out current images

Run the following to clear the current images from the local registry

sudo ./rest-environment.sh

1.7 Start the new version

sudo ./run.sh