In this demo, learn how to integrate Test Modeller into Katalon Studio to generate rigorous test automation scripts.

By integrating Katalon with Test Modeller, you will be able to build a visual image of how the application works and in turn increase cross team collaboration and visibility.

Furthermore, the automating test creation within Test Modeller means more of the application is tested, all while minimizing the number of test cases.

Importing A Katalon Project

In the demo, we are using a Katalon healthcare log in demo tool. Within Katalon we have also built out an Object Repository of the different objects available in the demo tool.

Once the Katalon Object Repository is set up, open Test Modeller and begin by creating a New Project. Link the new project to your Katalon Framework.

Within Test Modeller, we then have the ability to go in to Katalon and run a full synchronisation scan to import all the Page Objects. To view this, open the Actions folder (Explorer → Components → Actions), here you will find all the scanned page objects and actions available on them.

This also imports a full action pack with all the Katalon keywords for the Web UI demo.

Generating and Executing Automation for Katalon

In our demo, we built out a complete set of component models for the Katalon healthcare log in demo tool. Using these models, we can generate a coverage optimised set of tests.

Once your models are built and the test paths are generated using the generate button, hit the Blue Run button. This will open the Export Paths menu, use the Automation Code option to generate the automation code.

Running the Automation Generation will go and generate the automation scenarios and populate them within your Katalon Studio.

Within Katalon, use the Pull feature to import all the generated test automation scenarios.

You can find all the automation scripts under Test Cases. You can then export these to a test suite or run them individually.