Before discussing specific prerequisites for Synthetic Data Generation below, it is very useful for the user to have familiarity with VIP (Visual Integration Processor) created by Curiosity Software.  If you are not familiar with VIP, please see the VIP documentation describing the purpose, function and uses of VIP, otherwise continue reading.

A Database should have already been created that models the application through a set of Tables and their relationships to one another. This is the target Database/schema/tables into which data will be generated.

Supported Database Types

  • Sql Server

  • Oracle

  • My SQL

  • Postgres

  • MS Access

  • MariaDB

To use Synthetic Test Data Generation, you will need a basic understanding of SQL and Microsoft Excel, and a good understanding of the underlying application database model.

The prerequisite hardware/software for Synthetic Test Data Generation:

  1. You must be running a 64-bit Windows machine. Windows 10 is strongly recommended and is required for the full range of functionality.

  2. The latest 64-bit version of Microsoft Excel.

  3. The latest version of VIP RPA. Information on prerequisites and installation can be found here, and licensing information here.

  4. The latest version of The VIP Server Controller. Pre-requisites and installation can be found here.

Once you have installed the prerequisite software on a 64-bit Windows machine, you will require licensed access to the relevant Test Data Management (TDM) utilities.

The Requisite Files for Synthetic Data Generation Folder

  • These files are generated as part of Register Data Model VIP action

  • The Data Generation Configuration Sheet, DataGenConfigSampleCommerce.xlsx (excel file for the example in our documentation)

  • The dynamic link library (.dll) for the Flow file which in this example will be SampleCommerce.dll. It can preferably be in %programdata%\VIP\lib folder if more than 1 data generation flow is using the same dll. That is to say that if a database has multiple tables and a user is generating data for a few of those x tables in one flow and y tables in another flow then both of the DLLs can use the same model dll. So preferably it should go to %programdata%\vip\lib directory.

  • The VIP Flow file such as for which data is to be generated is created in the process.

The file that you will need to begin Synthetic Test Data Generation is by default located in C:\Program Files\Curiosity\Visual Integration Processor\VIP.exe . This will be placed here when you run the install  files. For full instructions, see Pre-requisites and installation link.  

It is a good idea to create a shortcut to VIP.exe on your desktop. There will be files generated when you do Test Data Generation. The location of  those generated files  is described in the relevant sections of this document as you go along. In general, it is a good idea to keep generated files in one location so they are easy to find.