These are the most common Actions that can be executed for Masking.




The GETMETADATA Action retrieves the metadata from the Source Data that is needed to run the Mask. It is a composite action, made up of three sub-actions. Each sub-action be run in a single action as "GETMETADATA", or can be run separately. GETMETADATA is recommended for simplicity and speed.

Running the actions individually is valuable for closer analysis, learning, and debugging.

The TABLES Action retrieve metadata related to the tables in the Source Database.

The GETKEYS Action retrieves metadata from the Source Database.

The FINDIDENTITYCOLUMNS Action retrieves the Identity Columns for each specified table.

Note: When passed in -parActions, it should be lower case – 'getmetadata'


Applies the masking set in the MaskingRules sheet.


For all the tables in the tables tab gets details about the columns. If parUseScanRules = True then the regexes in parScanRulesLocation are run against column values. The number of rows of each table sampled by the scan is set by parSampleSize

ScanColumns InsertLists

Takes seedlist files in parListCSVDirectory and inserts the data into parListTableName