Show the default value for subflow parameters in the editor view.

Models can be used as subflows in other models. This is essential for clarity and reusability. Values set in the Variables section of the Test Data & Automation tab of a model are now shown as replaceable Default Values in the Subflow Properties, when the model is used as a subflow.

To set Default Values

  • Start in a model that you will use as a subflow. In the Test Data and Automation tab, click on the Variables icon in the ribbon.

    • Click on the cog button to the right of the variable you want to change, and then click on Edit

    • Here you can enter the Default Value for that variable.

To use subflow Default Values

  • In a model that uses the above model as a subflow, right click on the subflow and select Subflow Properties

    • In the Subflow Properties box, the Input Parameters tab shows the variable names. The Default Value you entered is shown greyed out. You can enter other values in this box as required. If left unedited, the model will use the default values.