Manually Setting up Processes

To begin with, select to add a new process and specify a name and flow path:

Clicking save, and then adding parameters will take you to this screen:

Outputs must always be a listofstrings. You can have multiple columns returned however you must change the flow to separate each returned value they must be separated by ‘—‘, so for example, call SalesForce API give me the names of new leads, returns:




These would be separated in the definition into three columns.

Title FirstName LastName

The par2 and par3 are the input parameters, note that we have ordered the entered values at the top. Any static values can be set at the bottom of the list.

In the Test Data Catalogue itself you can name the input parameters with more descriptive names, see later.

Setting up Processes from Inside VIP

To start to set up the process in VIP, you need to let VIP know which specific repository and workspace to export the processes into:

Setting up process from inside VIP step 1

After this, navigate to Test Modeller and go to ‘Details’, then copy both the key and the API call:

Back into VIP, under the actions tab, click ‘Export to Modeller Data Catalogue’:

Setting up process from inside VIP step 2

Then, go into Test Modeller and find the exported flow details:

You will need to rename it and tidy up the parameters, shown below:

Setting up process from inside VIP step 4

The processes should now be set up and available to use.