To use Test Data Allocation, you will need an intermediate understand of SQL and a good level of knowledge in both Test Modeller and VIP RPA.

There are three pieces of required software:

  1. You must be running a 64-bit Windows machine. Windows 10 is strongly recommended and is required for the full range of functionality.

  2. The latest 64-bit version of Microsoft Excel.

  3. The latest version of VIP RPA. Information on prerequisites and installation can be found here, and licensing information here.

You will also need to download the VIPTDM file to access the Test Data Allocation files. Please contact support for this.

Data Allocation Setup

To begin to use the Test Data Allocation capabilities, you must first set up data allocation on your automation server.

First, navigate to the Test Modeller workspace you want to add data allocation to and find 'Automation Servers' in the menu on the left hand side. Click to edit the 'BIGONE' row.

Set the server file to 'AutomationControllerMasterTemplateConfig.xlsx' to update the available jobs on that server.

To include Data Allocation and Preparation you will need to make some changes to the file itself.

In 'c:\viptdm\dataallocation' find 'AllocateServerExample.xlsx' and open it, this contains the additional entries you need to add into your master control spreadsheet.

In the Flow tab of this spreadsheet, copy in the following (the rows in black may already exist):

In the Parameters tab, copy in the following (again, the rows in black may already exist):

In the AutomationConfig tab, copy in the following (once again, the rows in black may already exist):

If you wish to add data allocation to any other processes, in the PrepareTestData tab, copy in the following: