A significant advantage of using the VIP Server Controller instead of the Command Line is the ability to save template "Config Files". This saves a view of parameters that had been entered into the screen. Opening the Config file then loads the parameters.

When running a Mask, most Actions share parameters in common. Often, you only need to change the parAction argument for each Action (see Actions Table). You should therefore save a template Action, re-using it during each Masking Action. Saving a Config File retains parameters in both the the Flow Cache Server and Run Flow tab. This makes it far quicker to run a Mask. The alternative would be repeatedly specifying the same parameters for each action.

In the Flow Cache Server tab, there are options for saving the Config file and also for Loading a Config file at a later time. Saving a Config will save any parameters and arguments entered into both the Flow Cache Server and Run Flow tabs. To save a Config file click "Save Config" at the bottom of the Flow Cache Server:

To load and re-use a previously saved Config, click "Load Config". Browse for your saved .CFG file and open it. This will enter all previously saved parameters and arguments into the Flow Cache Server and Run Flow tabs.

There's also an option to Reload Flow in the 'Flow Cache Server' tab of the VIP Controller which is used if you've made changes to any of the relevant flows being used in the main window (see figure above) and want to load only the file/s that have changed – time saver.