To test or run the allocation directly from Test Modeller, rather than as part of an automation framework you can filter the allocated tests. Click on the filter button and choose the tests you want:

Then, execute this test, choosing the server that connects to your system under test databases and applications.
Pick the job Data Allocate and click execute. This will submit a job to try and run the allocated tests you have defined for the filters you have chosen and is a good way to test that your criteria have been defined correctly.

Once the test has run, the run results will show:

Click to download this log and open it in an editor. Look through this log in detail, especially the first time you are running the allocate for a test type. An example log is shown below:

An example SQL:

SQL=select top 500 CAST(id as VARCHAR(100)) from dbo.OPPORTUNITIES where ( (Opportunity_Type = ‘Existing business’ OR ‘Existing business’ = ”) and (Sales_Stage = ‘Needs analysis’ OR ‘Needs analysis’ = ”) and (Lead_Source = ‘Existing customer’ OR ‘Existing customer’ = ”)) and (CAST(id as VARCHAR(100))) not in (‘2EFCE793-2207-4798-ADB9-004B558D4B9A’)

2019-10-23 16:48:10-varSQlResults.count = 81 varI=3

If there is a problem with the SQL it will show up in here. You can then adjust the definition of the Test Type and retry running the allocation.

Next, return to the allocation pool and check the results are correct:

If you click on the results button, it will show you the found values:

If you click on the allocated test you will get further details:

Running Data Allocation 7

You have successfully run an allocated test.