GETMETADATA and SCANCOLUMNS are typically run together from the command Line.Mark_1_Prep.cmd (C:\VIPTDM\SubsetCloneAndMaskRun\Mask\MySQL) provides a template script for running both actions together.

When executing Masking Actions from the Command Line, the Command Script provides all the parameters and arguments otherwise entered into The VIP Server Controller.

Mark_1_Prep.cmd contains the following:

call "C:\Program Files\Curiosity\Visual Integration Processor\VIPExecutor.exe" 
-parDatabaseType="SQL Server" 
-parSequenceSchema="[dbo]" -parSequencePrefix="CSI_" 
-mode=serverExec -fcs=SubsetCloneAndMask

You should edit any mandatory parameters before running the script. For example, you will likely need to edit the location of the Control Spreadsheet, changing the "parControlExcel" parameters. You might also want to change the location to which the Report File is output. For a list of mandatory and optional parameters to edit at this point, see Mask Parameters.

Note: If you followed the default installation process, the default file directory will be C:\VIPTDM\SubsetCloneAndMaskRun\Mask\MySQL . Changing this may cause things to stop working (assuming use of an SQL Database).

To run GETMETADATA and SCANCOLUMNS, run the Command Script in Administrator mode. Messages, including error messages, will be displayed in the Command window, or outputted to the log.

If you receive an error message, please refer to this article to troubleshoot common issues. You can also run your Action on debug mode for a more detailed log. If you still cannot find the problem, please get in touch with Curiosity by writing to