How to vary Test Case Generation from your models and Subflows using Rule-based Constraints.

Rules to traverse models!

Preamble: How to use Subflows to traverse across models with multiple end points.

  • Log-in Subflow

  • Reports Subflow

Journey: Log in as a certain type of user, choose a particulat report then test a report.

Part1: Drag Subflow node onto Canvas > Select from the directory the model to inhabit the Subflow node. > Connect up Subflows and select appropriate Subflow node.

Part 2: Now put in Logic into the Subflows

Go to Test Generation in Ribbon > Click Rules (icon) > Choose a pre-set Variable (you do this). Remember to Expose the Variable so it can be picked up in the end-to-end Master model. Advanced > Select Expose as Flow Parameter (this tells the optimiser what to do to resolve the Variable).

Part 3: Make an Assignment to the Variable on a node

Click on the required node > In the Ribbon, click Rules (icon) to show Node Logic Pane (All output decisions must be Assigned, otherwise the Rules are redundant).

Part 4: Create a new Coverage Profile

In the Ribbon > Click New (inbetween Tests and Coverage icons) > Name it. Then > Click Coverage (icon) > Choose the Variables tab > Select a Variable and Value. (Whenever the Coverage Profile is Run).

Part 5: Re-import the modified Subflows into the end-to-end Master model

Right click on Subflow node and right-click for Subflow Properties > Click Parameters to see the Variable is Exposed (no surprise). Declare a Variable and a second time in Subflow Properties link it to the Paramter in the Subflow. In the Data Painter Pane > Click Variable (in this case =[LoginModelControl]).

Part 6: Control how to get through the Logic

Set-up Coverage Profiles. Click Coverage (icon) > In the Coverage Profile Pane, select Variables Tab > Add all Variables.