The Advanced Control Spreadsheet contains several editable sheets. These sheets should be edited before the Iterative Subset Actions are run or re-run.

You can edit some or all of the Sheets, refining your Subset in different ways.

A Subset can be refined by editing the "Active" cell in the following sheets:

  1. Tables

  2. ForeignKeys

  3. ProcessModel

Setting rows in these three Sheets to "Active" or not will exclude tables or relationships from your subset. You can often achieve the same result in a Data Subset in several different ways. For instance, if you turn off a Foreign Key relationship and re-run BUILDMODEL, that will exclude

rules that would otherwise have been created in the ProcessModel sheet. It will further exclude any corresponding Primary Keys. Alternatively, you could have toggled the Rule off in the ProcessModel sheet, or the Primary Key relationship in the Tables sheet.

The sheets defined as part of a Basic Subset can also be edited:

  1. Configuration



  4. ForeignKeys

All other sheets should be left unchanged.

Refining the Advanced Control Sheet enables iterative Subsetting, working until you have achieved the ideal data Subset.

This subsection of the Knowledge Base provides an overview of the Sheets that can be refined. The next subsection sets out how to run the Actions that will use the refined Control Spreadsheet.