Before performing a Data Mask, you need to create the requisite databases, tables and functions:

  • Either create a Database to hold user-defined functions and seed-data tables or create a schema to hold these functions and tables in the database you are masking. Note that the credentials you supply to access the database being masked also need to have access to the user-defined functions and seed-data tables.

  • Create the required tables by running C:\VIPTDM\SubsetCloneAndMask\EnvironmentPrep\DDL\MySQL\MySQL_Tables_Create.sql.The SQL supplied here assumes that the tables are to be created in schema [dbo] in database [Masking]. If you wish to store the tables in a different location edit [Mask] and [dbo] as required in the SQL file.

  • Create the required user-defined functions by runningC:\VIPTDM\SubsetCloneAndMask\EnvironmentPrep\DDL\MySQL\MySQL_Functions_Create.sql. As above you may need to edit [Mask] and [dbo].

Note: the simplest way to run the supplied SQL is to connect to your database with SQL Server Management Studio, open a new query window, paste the SQL statements into it and click on the Execute button. See for full technical documentation on SQL Server Management.