This action is used to run parallel tasks (Actions) in the context of a For Each loop. This provides a way to input the same value for each parallel task.  This action is useful to speed up processing time of the Flow when there are time-consuming actions/activities (by executing them at the same time rather than sequentially). When this action is dragged to the VIP canvas, the user is ask to input a Type (Int32, String etc.) which is the type of operator for the For Each loop.

Parallel Task – For Each Properties:

Property Name

Data Type

Property Type

Property Description


Visual Basic Boolean expression.


This property defines the completion condition of the Parallel For Each Task.




This specifies the name of the action box.


Visual Basic Data Type(Int32, String, etc.)


This property specifies the Data Type of members of Values.


List of TypeArgument


These are the Values of Type TypeArgument that are used in the For Each loop