The automated actions used during Data Masking can be performed either using the VIP Server Controller, or from the Command Line. The recommended way is using the VIP Server Controller. If users prefer to use command-line execution, the process is described in this section of the Knowledge Base.

The manual tasks and automated steps used to run a mask using the Command line is the same as when using The VIP Server Controller:

Much of this process has been documented in the previous sections of the knowledge base. Please use the hyperlinks above to refer to the documentation when completing these steps. The difference comes when executing the automated actions. These steps are marked with an Asterix above.

These automated actions can be run from the Command Line using Command Scripts. These scripts provide the parameters otherwise entered into The VIP Server Controller. This section of the Knowledge Base therefore provides instructions on parameterizing and executing these Command Script.

Note: "Template" scripts are shipped during the installation of VIP and the VIP Server Controller. You can copy these scripts, edit the parameters, and use them to run the actions via the Command Line.