Running the SUBSET Action will Subset the data based on the Subset Rules in your Configuration Sheet. However, you might want to perform addition actions on your data.

The post-Subset actions available when using Test Data Automation are:

  1. ADDPKEYS: Adds Primary Key Constraints to the Staging Database.

  2. ADDFKEYS: Adds Foreign Key constraints.

  3. ADDKEYS: A composite action which performs both ADDPKEYS and ADDFKEYS to add Primary and Foreign Key constraints to the Staging Database.

  4. VALIDATEPKEYS: Checks that all Primary Keys are unique.

  5. VALIDATEFKEYS: Checks whether Foreign Keys can be added to the data.

  6. VALIDATEKEYS: A composite action which performs both VALIDATEPKEYS and VALIDATEKEYS to check whether both Primary Keys and Foreign Keys are valid. Primary Keys must be unique. Foreign Key must refer to a column in another table with a valid, corresponding value.

  7. DELETEORPHANS: Removes rows that do not fulfil Foreign Key constraints. This is useful if FoundCriteria have been specified.

  8. Data edits: Various actions will edit the resultant data Subset:

    1. DROPFKEYS: Drops Foreign Keys.

    2. DROPPKEYS: Drops Primary Keys.

    3. DROPKEYS: A composite action that performs DROPFKEYS and DROPPKEYS to drop both Foreign Keys and Primary Keys.

    4. TRUNCATE: Deletes the data from the target Database or Schema, allowing you to subset iteratively.

    5. DROPDrops the tables created by the PREPENV Action.

Instructions on running each action are provided in this section of the Knowledge Base.