This Activity allows the creation of a New array.  The .Net Data Type of the array is specified when the activity box is dragged to the VIP canvas.  As with New Object, the user must create/declare an Array in the Variables section (lower left corner of the canvas – see figure below).

To declare the New Array, select the Variables link (red circle above) which shows all the Variables that have already been declared and provides a facility to add new ones.  The user should specify the new Array Data Type (Array of Int32/String etc.) and can initialise the variable too (fourth column).  If the new Variables are not initialised, the system will do it anyway with default/empty values.

New Array Properties:

Property Name

Data Type

Property Type

Property Description


.Net Collection


This property contains the Bounds of the Array Collection.??? Ask Shash




This property contains the name of the activity box.


.Net Array


This property contains the name of the New Array created in the Variables section of VIP.