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Solution Overview

The solution allows a user to take any message template containing substitution variables and create a starter model inside test modeller.  The data values can then be modelled to reflect different business scenarios, once the test cases are defined the data will be created and published to a csv.  The csv is then used in conjunction with the template to create multiple messages to be used to test each business scenario.

The solution also offers the ability to perform additional activities on the created messages once they are created, for example, copying the message to the ingestion queue etc.

Solution Logic Flow

Problem Statement

Message Management is a good way to log the execution of a flow while getting the most information from intermediate stages. The solution explained will give you more information on how to do this and help you to get the most out it.

The goal of the solution is to enable the developer  to easily create a complex set of unique variations of messages (displayed in the log of the executed flow).