In-step detail:
Masking - ListLookUp

Relates to how to: Masking pii - set-up and execution

Seedlist datafiles can be used in two ways: pii scanning to set up categories or tags. These ListLookUp files. In contrast there are Global Defaults which are ready to implement within the tools capabilities and features. Both ways allow you to mask pii.

Reviewing Masking Rules

In the example the Table Rule Customer opens the Masking Rules card.

Setup a ListLookUp Masking rule

Set-up a Seedlist as ListLookUp. To do so select the Masking Rules to update and hit the blue edit icon under Action.

:do_this: In the set-up from the Masking rule window pull from a new list. In this example the new list is called CityCountry. Input this to the ListName Parameter.

:do_this: The dropdown displays the TDM defaults available. However using a Seedlist is possible. To do so select Type: General. Function: ListLookUp. Under Parameters ListName: (in this example) CityCountry. Selection Type: Hash. ColumnsToReturn: 2. ColumnToHash: (in this example) Country. Hit the green Save button.