The Subset is run using a series of pre-defined, automated Actions. These Actions are informed by the Basic Control Spreadsheet.

This subsection of the Knowledge Base provides an overview of the methods used to run the Subset Actions. The next subsections provide instructions on configuring the Basic Control Spreadsheet and running the individual actions.

The Subset actions can be run via the VIP Server Controller. This is the preferred method. You can easily save a VIP Server Controller config file to make it easy to re-use and re-run previously defined subsets.

The Subset actions can be Actions can also be run by editing Command Scripts and executing via the Command Line. This subsection also provides an overview of this approach. The articles on each individual Subset action provide an appendix on running via the Command Line.

The recommended approach for running a Subset is as follows:

  1. Configure the Basic Control Spreadsheet.

  2. Load the default Executor.cfg file and parameterize GETMETADATA in the VIP Server Controller.

  3. Parameterize GETMETADATA in the VIP Server Controller.

  4. Save the paramaterized action as a Config File.

  5. Re-use the Config File to run the remaining Basic Subset Actions. You can re-use the Config File for each, only changing one mandatory parameter each time (the Action).

  6. Iteratively edit the Advanced Control Spreadsheet and run the relevant Actions to iterate a spreadsheet. For this you can also re-use a Config File, updating the Action and any optional parameters each time.

In this approach, you can execute the Actions rapidly using the re-usable Config File. The mandatory parameters will typically remain consistent for a given Subset, with only the Action being executed changing as you move from action to action.

The next article provides an overview of the parameters that must be specified for an article. The following articles provide instructions on using the VIP Server Controller and via the Command Line.