Once you have completed Pre-Step 1Pre-step 2 and Pre-step 3, you are ready to run the automated actions used in a standard masking job. The process runs as follows:

  • Run GETMETADATA action

  • Run SCANCOLUMNS action

  • Manually populate the MaskingRules sheet

  • Run MASK action

GETMETADATA, SCANCOLUMNS and MASK are executed using The VIP Server Controller. They can also be run via the Command Line, as set out in its own subsection of the Knowledge Base. Using the VIP Server Controller is the recommended approach and is documented in Data Masking using Command Line .

This section provides an overview of using The VIP Server Controller. It then provides articles for configuring and running GETMETADATA, SCANCOLUMNS and MASK, as well as for populating the MaskingRules Sheet.