What is Data Masking?

Data Masking is the process of masking or anonymizing a set of data that will be used as test data for an application under development. The primary motivation for masking data is usually to comply with data protection requirements. These requirements might be dictated by applicable privacy laws or might be governed by an organisation's internal policies. They often apply when production data refers to personally identifiable information (PII), as well as to commercially or financially sensitive information. As strict laws often prohibit the use/re-use of personal data, there is good reason to anonymize data before it is moved to test and development. Data Masking, a part of Test Data Automation* supports compliance in testing and development by removing sensitive data from data before it is moved to non-production environments.

*Test Data Automation (TDA) is Curiosity's complete test data solution set. Find out more about TDA here.

Data Masking Video

For a brief overview of the Data Masking using Test Data Automation, see: