Here we'll be installing all the prerequisites you need to get started with test automation in Cypress through

  1. Create a free account

  2. Install node.js

  3. Install ChromeDriver (this needs to match the version of chrome you will be executing your tests on) and make sure you add it to your system PATH.

4. Download our example Cypress project (if you don't have your own).

  • You can download the framework from out GitHub repo here.

  • In this tutorial, we'll be using the xpath extension to cypress. Follow instructions here to add xpath support. This is already included in our sample project.

Test It's Working

Make sure to restart the Terminal or Command line prompt to load the new environment variables.

  1. Run sample automation library

  • Navigate to the framework directory (this should contain the node_modules folder).

  • Run npm install. This will pull down all the associated libraries required.

  • On Linux / MacOS – Run ./node_modules/cypress/bin/cypress open to start the interactive cypress engine.

On Windows we have added an npm script to start Cypress. Run npm run cypress:open from the command prompt.

  • You should now see the tests present, which you can execute interactively in cypress.