To inspect run results at the Model level, log-in to Test Modeller and open the Model from which the automated tests were generated.

Next, navigate to the "Test Generation" tab of the top bar menu and Click "Tests":

This will open the Scenarios sidebar:

The Scenarios sidebar provides pass/fail results by test case. These results are displayed by row, as either a green "Passed" icon, or a red "Failed".

Results are browsed by test generation "History": the date and time when the test cases  were generated.

Run results are displayed by test case. Clicking a test case row will highlight the path through the system model that the automated test has exercised:

You can analyse the Results history for a given test case from the Scenarios sidebar. Select the Cog icon next to the test cases and select "Results". This will display the run result and Job Engine ID for the test case:

If you execute automated tests while the model is open, click the cog icon and then "Refresh". This will refresh the run results associated with the model.