Heatmaps provide a visualisation of the functionality that has been exercised by the recorded journey. This is useful for analysing what has been tested, and to what degree, as well as identifying functionality that needs to be tested more rigorously in future.

To view heatmaps, log-in to Test Modeller and select the context that corresponds to the relevant recorded journeys. Next, navigate to "Heatmap", under Test Modeller "Home/Test Insight". This will open the heatmap viewer:

Heatmaps are overlaid onto the screenshots of the UI screen that have been captured as the journeys were recorded.

The pages are displayed by row, and can be browsed in the left-hand column of the UI Heatmap panel. A heatmap displays every recorded journey in the selected context that exercised the selected page. The intensity of the heat colour, from blue to red, reflects the number of journeys that interacted with that element.

Clicking anywhere on the heatmap will display the exact number of journeys that interacted with that given element:

Clicking "Load Image" will show the screenshot of the page as it appeared during the selected interaction. In the above example, the user name box is highlighted in blue, as it was being typed in when the interaction was captured.