In this Test Modeller feature video, learn how to import and export JSON page objects!

For some automation frameworks, page objects are stored in JSON, with the underlying implementation code within the language of choice for the automation framework.

Therefore, page objects can often be external, stored in some form of definitions.

In Test Modeller, you can import these JSON objects. To get started with this process, navigate to the Explorer, and hit the grey Import button on the top left.

This will open a drop-down, select the Code Page Object option. This opens the Code Import wizard.

In the Code Import wizard, you can browse files, select your JSON file and then hit import.

Once the import is complete, you will find your import in a new folder in Explorer. In this folder you will find your scanned page objects, JSON definition and in our example a Java page object.

The Java page object utilises the JSON file to interact with webpages, using Test Modeller’s UI Scanner.