How to implement & carry through SDLC compliant naming conventions to Test Cases. Useful when used across CI/CD pipelines, giving all the testing team/stakeholders visibility of Test Cases & Test Suites within your Test Modeller project.

By default a path (Test Case) name shows as a sequence of named nodes. See clip: 1:45mins So, to clarify the names for stakeholders to avoid ambiguity, ie ‘what each Test Case is actually testing’ use Test Modeller’s naming conventions tab.

Note: Test Cases through a model with default named Start and End nodes will pick up the Coverage profile name. If however you change the End node name, the Test Case takes that name. Usually this is restictive and not sufficiently descriptive, so use the Naming Conventions in Test Modeller to make more meaningful Test Case names.

To do so click Coverage Profile in the top Ribbon Menu, in the Coverage Profile panel click the Naming Conventions tab.