The Test Modeller Explorer is a web-browser extension for Chrome, and the latest version of Chrome should be installed.

A username and password for Test Modeller is required to access the Test Modeller Explorer, while Test Modeller itself is required to view, analyse, and use the information it captures. The "Prerequisites and Installation" section of the Knowledge Base for Test Modeller provides instructions on how to set-up an account and gain access to Test Modeller.

The Test Modeller Explorer is available for download from the Chrome Webstore. Each Test Modeller user has a unique link. Log-in to Test Modeller, and navigate to the "Dashboard". Next, click "Create Session" and follow the link to open the Chrome Webstore in a new tab.

In the Chrome Webstore, click "Add to Chrome". A pop-up will ask you to confirm the permissions required by the Test Modeller Explorer:

Click "Add Extension".
The page will refresh and the Test Modeller Explorer should now visible in the top-right, next to the search bar:

Click the Test Modeller Explorer icon to open the controller:

Enter the same Username and Password that you use to access Test Modeller. If you do not have user credentials, visit the "Prerequisites and Installation" section of the Knowledge Base for Test Modeller to learn how to get set up.

Note: it is important that you use the same user account as in Test Modeller, as this ensures that any information collected by the Test Modeller Explorer will appear in the relevant workspace within Test Modeller. Only then can the recorded or scanned data be overlaid onto models in Test Modeller.

Click "Login" and you will be taken to the Projects and Workspace panel of the controller.