In this feature video, learn how to overwrite Return Names when utilizing functions within a Module Collection of a Test Case model.

Ensure you have your Module Collection window open in Test Modeller ­­– to do so click Explorer in the Dashboard (this is the left panel).

To see the Return Type name click the blue edit icon (next to duplicate and delete icons, as on the panel above) opening the Edit Function window qnd click the Return tab. In this example the API call is a ‘Response’. (For more API detail click the Extracted Values tab nestled under the API Request tab). To continue hit the green Save button.

Then to set-up the next step place a green Start waypoint on the Test Modeller canvas, and from the Project Explorer palette highlight the relevant function clicking the blue Import button to get it on the canvas.

To now change the Return Name you simply add the parameters for the job in the Data Selection window > hit Save. (Note: these are abstract names, according to your preference). In this example it’s value is ‘Marketing’ and replace the generic text 'Create Return Job' with a new Return Name (again, this name is according to your preference). In this example the overridden name is ‘Creating marketing job’ (see final step).

To see the updated Module Return Variable Name in the context of the Test Case model toggle open Parameters in the Automation palette. In this example the parameters are referencing the highlighted waypoint 'Positive Create Job'.