To set up a project, first make sure Test Modeller Menu is open by clicking the three lines at the top left of the page:

Next, navigate to the "Project & Releases" tab under "Management".

This will open the Projects manager, in which new projects and their associated models are created and stored.

Click on "New Project" to create a project:

This will open a dialogue in which a project name and description are entered. Enter an appropriate name and click "Next step":

Select a server. This can be your private server, a shared server used within your company, or a community server.

Select a framework. The QuickStart Web Automation framework is selected by default, but there are many others. There is a link below the selection box for tutorials to get you started for most frameworks.

Clicking on Next step will display links to tutorials. If you don’t need these, click on Save.

The project will now appear in the Project Manager: