In addition to generating Page Objects and test automation modules Test Modeller generates flowcharts from web UI scans.

In the Test Modeller Explorer, create a new folder for your scanned model

In Chrome, go to the website you want to scan. Click on the Modeller Chrome extension, select the project you want the scan to be created under, and click on Scan

On the website, click on the elements that you want to scan. Next, click on the Modeller extension and click on Stop.

Then click on Upload:

The Upload Page Object dialog appears. Select the folder you want the scanned variables, modules and model to be created in. Then click on the Advanced dropdown, select Create Model, and click on Save:

You will see the following notification when the upload is complete:

Modeller automatically creates the variables, modules and the model. These can be seen in Test Modeller explorer in the folder you created, with valid and invalid paths, ready for generation and creation of test data and cases.

If you click on the model file, you will see a flowchart model: