If using a shared server, only one member of your workspace needs to set-up the server. You should check if a server has already been set up for you to use before you configure a new server.

To check if there is an available server in Test Modeller, first log in to your domain. Next, click "Profile" in the sidebar menu, and select "Automation Servers". This will open the Server Settings page. Check the "Workspace Servers" panel to see if there are any servers already set up in your workspace.

If a server is available, you will be able to queue automated test jobs from within Test Modeller. 

To execute queued jobs, the job engine must additionally be switched on. Check the traffic light next to the name of the server. If it is green, the job engine is switched on and active. If it is amber, the job engine is switched on but inactive. If it is red, the job engine is switched off.

If there is no server available, follow these instructions to set one up: